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IMAT Fuoriserie: Resin Stickers Italian Style and Passion for Italian Coffee with ZIPPOPIU

Dear readers, today we are excited to present you the latest creation from ZIPPOPIU: the resin adhesives that have transformed coffee machines into authentic works of art. In particular, we want to tell you the story behind these stickers created for the coffee and coffee machine company "IMAT," and reveal why they are so extraordinary.

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The IMAT Project: Expressed with Italian Style

IMAT, leader in the sector of high quality coffee machines, has collaborated with ZIPPOPIU to create a special series of resin adhesives. The focus of the project was to pay homage to Italian excellence, with a design that combined the exclusivity of a Ferrari and the passion for Italian coffee.

The Design: Ferrari, Italian Flag, and Fuoriserie

The resin stickers feature an eye-catching design with a black Ferrari-like car, combined with the Italian flag flying proudly. The writing "Fuoriserie" in red adds a touch of exclusivity, recalling the idea of ​​a unique and out of the ordinary product. This combination of elements celebrates Italian craftsmanship, speed and the love of coffee in a single visual creation.

Why Are Resin Stickers So Special?

ZIPPOPIU resin stickers go beyond the visual aspect thanks to the resin technology that makes them unique in their kind. Here are some reasons why they are so special:

  • Long-lasting Protection: The resin creates a durable protective layer over the decal, protecting it from scratches, sun damage and moisture. This ensures that the design remains intact over time.

  • 3D effect: The resin adds a tactile dimension to the stickers, creating a 3D effect that captures the eye and stimulates the touch. This feature gives depth and liveliness to the design.

  • Lasting Brilliance: The resin preserves the colors over time, keeping the brilliance of the design unaltered even after prolonged use.

  • Exclusivity: The tactile and visual sensation offered by resin stickers makes them unique, distinguishing them from traditional stickers and giving a touch of luxury and exclusivity.

In conclusion, ZIPPOPIU resin adhesives for IMAT are a perfect combination of fascinating design and advanced technology. They represent an extraordinary way to combine the love for Italian coffee with the elegance of an automotive icon like Ferrari. Each coffee machine transformed by these stickers becomes a unique work of art, a statement of style and passion.

resin adhesives

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