Our team, made up of people of different ages and backgrounds, is committed to promoting a passion for cycling and creating a welcoming and fun environment. In addition to amateur races and regular training, we organize cycling events to engage our community and keep the cycling spirit alive in Lumezzane and beyond.


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Zippopiù cycling team bicicletta Brescia CYCLING TEAM

An amateur team of passionate cyclists with deep roots in Lumezzane.

Our mission has never changed: we train and participate in amateur races, but above all we have fun pedaling together.

Our team is a mix of people from different ages and backgrounds, but with a common love for two wheels. We meet regularly to train and improve our skills, but fun is always our priority. Amateur racing gives us the opportunity to test our skills and share the thrill of competing.

In addition to races, we also organize cycling events, promoting the passion for cycling in our community. We are committed to keeping the cycling spirit alive in Lumezzane and beyond.

Join us and be part of this incredible cycling adventure. We are a team that rides together, has fun and shares the joy of cycling. We are the Cycling Team and we are happy to welcome you to our cycling family.

cycling team Zippopiù storia Brescia CYCLING TEAM

The History of the Team

Birth of a Passion: 2001

Way back in 2001, a group of passionate cyclists from Brescia met with a common goal: to share their passion for two wheels and create a sense of community. It was an initiative born from the pure joy of cycling and the desire to have a recognizable identity while cycling through the streets.

Growth and Popularity: La Lume Team Bike

As the years passed, this group of friends grew in number and ambition, bringing a love of cycling to the entire community. Already in the second year of the Lume Team Bike, the number of members had grown to 146, demonstrating the growing popularity of these cycling initiatives.

Valle dell'Oro: A Great Success

One of the most significant moments was the organization of the 5 editions of the "Valle dell'Oro", a cycling event which saw the participation of numerous cyclists. This event attracted around 450 participants from outside the province, including cyclists from Trentino and Piedmont, demonstrating the ability to attract cyclists from different regions of Italy. This event was a real success and helped consolidate the reputation of the cycling team.

Franciacorta Circuit: Five Years of Passion

Another very important initiative was the "Circuito della Franciacorta," a cycle of cycling events that followed one another for five years in a row. This circuit has attracted cyclists from every corner of Italy, strengthening ties between the country's diverse cycling communities. It was an amazing way to share the passion for cycling with bike lovers from all over the country.

New Identity: The Change in ASD

In 2011, the group took a significant step by changing the name from "Lume Team Bike" to " ASD". This change marked a new phase and underlined the continuous evolution of their cycling spirit. The passion for cycling has been passed on from one generation to the next, with particular attention to the inclusion of families and future generations of cyclists.

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