Our Mission is to propose a very wide range of communication solutions with the desire to seek and create new channels to communicate your company , new vehicles to spread it , new communication trends .

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Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to propose a very wide range of communication solutions with the desire to seek and create new channels to communicate your company , new vehicles to spread it , new communication trends .

Our Vision is to become a global benchmark in our industry, offering innovative, high-quality and sustainable solutions that exceed our customers' expectations.

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Company Values

Trust and respect are the basis of our relationships with customers, employees and business partners.

Collaboration and team spirit fuel our ability to work together to achieve common goals.

We are committed to supporting the environment and the community , adopting sustainable practices and promoting social well-being.

Through responsibility and dedication , we consistently seek to exceed expectations and create long-term value for everyone who interacts with us.

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Offices and Showrooms

Explore Our Space

Our offices and showrooms represent the creative heart of ZIPPOPIU. Located in Lumezzane, these spaces are designed to inspire, collaborate and showcase our visual communication skills. We invite customers to visit our showroom to discover for themselves the quality and innovation we employ in every project.

Creative Environment

The ZIPPOPIU offices are the place where ideas come to life. The stimulating and well-organized environment promotes creativity, collaboration and innovation, allowing our team to work together to develop exceptional visual communication solutions. Work areas are designed to facilitate communication and collaboration, while meeting rooms offer quiet spaces for reflection and discussion.



Internal Production

Technology and Innovation

Thanks to investments in advanced technologies and high-quality equipment that guarantee the precise and high-quality realization of each project. Our experienced team transforms creative ideas into concrete visual solutions, maintaining excellence every step of the way. This autonomy allows us complete control over quality, times and costs, offering tailor-made solutions created with efficiency and punctuality. We embrace technology and innovation, using cutting-edge tools and software to quickly respond to dynamic market needs and deliver creative solutions that set our clients apart in the competitive landscape.

Commitment to Sustainability

Sustainability is a fundamental value for ZIPPOPIU. We are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of our operations by adopting sustainable practices in every aspect of our work. From using eco-friendly materials to promoting sustainable manufacturing processes, we aim to contribute to a greener, more sustainable future for our community and the world.

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Origins and Foundation

The story begins with the foundation of the historic Tipografia Seneci Dante in 1947. The art of letterpress printing laid the foundation for the creation of the Zippo Tipolitografia in 1991, located in the heart of Lumezzane . With the acquisition of state-of-the-art printing equipment , the company has experienced steady growth.

Expansion and Innovation

In 2001, with the need for larger spaces, the company moved to Sant'Apollonio , expanding its offer with the creation of an internal graphic studio dedicated to graphic design and corporate branding , consolidating an organization attentive to every phase of the creative and productive process.

Evolution of Services

2011 marks a further evolutionary step by further expanding the range of services offered. In this period, was born, specializing in a variety of communication services, from wrapping to corporate signage to mobile advertising to personalized clothing . The move to the Lumezzane industrial area offers large spaces that facilitate creativity, the creation and development of new ideas.

Advent of Digital

In 2016, the company embraces the digital era, introducing digital communication solutions such as digital displays and monitors , further enriching the offering and responding to the needs of an increasingly technological market. Investments in resources such as four sail trucks , a new digital printing machine and new plotters have not only speeded up the printing process while maintaining high quality, but have also allowed us to evolve in harmony with a continuously transforming market, consolidating ZIPPOPIU as a point of reference in the visual communication sector.