BOXE LUMEZZANE e ZIPPOPIU Personalizzano le Canottiere: Stile e Funzionalità in un'unica soluzione

BOXE LUMEZZANE and ZIPPOPIU Personalize the Vests: Style and Functionality in a single solution


We are thrilled to announce our latest collaboration with Boxe Lumezzane, one of the most renowned boxing gyms in the region. This partnership gave us the opportunity to showcase our commitment to design and quality by personalizing athletes' singlets with a unique and distinctive touch.

The Creation of Customized Tank Tops:

The singlet customization project for Lumezzane Boxing was an exciting journey. We worked side by side with the athletes and coaches to ensure every detail reflected the spirit and determination of the team.

Design Details:

  • Front of the Vest:

    • Lumezzane Boxing Logo: Located on the right, the team logo has been precisely positioned to be clearly visible but not intrusive.
    • Forme logo: On the left side, we have inserted the Forme logo, another sponsor of Boxe Lumezzane, creating a perfect visual balance.
    • ZIPPOPIU Logo: On the shoulder, our ZIPPOPIU logo adds a distinctive touch, showing our pride in supporting these extraordinary athletes.
  • Back of the Vest:

    • Lumezzane Boxing Logo: On the back, the Lumezzane Boxing logo has been printed in large size, using a bright red color that stands out beautifully against the gray of the tank top. This detail not only gives a stylish look, but also makes the team easily recognizable during training and competitions.

Material and Quality:

The singlets are made of a high-quality, lightweight and breathable fabric, ideal for intense training and competitions. The gray color chosen as the base is not only elegant, but also guarantees long life and wear resistance.


The collaboration with Boxe Lumezzane was an incredible experience for ZIPPOPIU. We are proud to have helped create a distinctive and functional look for these exceptional athletes. We look forward to seeing the singlets in action and continuing to support Boxe Lumezzane in their future sporting endeavors.

Stay tuned for further updates and news on our upcoming collaborations!

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