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BUSINESS CARDS - White cardboard 300gr

BUSINESS CARDS - White cardboard 300gr

Discover our selection of 300g white cardboard business cards, the perfect choice for those looking for a mix of elegance and professionalism. These cards, made on a sturdy, high-quality card, offer an ideal basis for all types of designs, from the most classic to the most modern.

Product Features:

  • Superior Quality : The 300g white card guarantees excellent durability and a pleasant feel to the touch, ensuring that your business cards stand the test of time and leave a lasting impression.
  • Crisp Printing : Thanks to the smooth, uniform surface of the card stock, every detail of your design will be reproduced with exceptional clarity, from vivid colors to fine lines.
  • Design Versatility : This card type is perfect for a wide range of designs. Whether you want something simple and elegant or bold and creative, white cardstock is an ideal canvas for your creative expression.
  • Visual Impact : The contrast between the pure white of the cardstock and your custom design creates an eye-catching visual effect that captures attention and reflects your professional identity.

Choose our 300gr white cardboard business cards to combine durability, quality and style, ensuring that your first contact with clients and colleagues is unforgettable.


If you don't have files ready for printing, we offer you the graphic design service, which you can select below.

Compatible Formats:

We only accept files in PDF or JPG format. If your files are vector, make sure you create them using Adobe Illustrator only. Using other programs may affect print quality.

File Resolution :

For large print sizes such as 1:1, make sure your files have a resolution of at least 120 dpi (dots per inch).

File Scale :

All files must be set to 1:1 scale.

Text Format :

To ensure good readability, avoid texts that are too small in size.

Track Thickness :

Make sure that the minimum thickness of the traces is at least 0.18 mm for dark lines on a light background and at least 0.27 mm for light lines on a dark background.

Color Settings :

Before sending files, convert all texts to paths and make sure they are saved in four-color (CMYK). RGB files will be automatically converted. If you have specified Pantone colors, they will be taken into consideration as an indicative reference.

Using Black:

For black or gray lines and text, always use a pure black. If you want a deeper black for backgrounds or graphics, add 30% cyan, magenta, and yellow.

Format Orientation :

Make sure that the orientation of the file matches the dimensions indicated during the order (B x Height).


Check that there are no overprint previews within the file, as they may interfere with the graphics.

Embedded Images :

Check that all images used in the file are embedded and not linked.

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