AMA SERRAMENTI: Innovazione e Stile: Le Nuove T-Shirt e Giubbini Firmati ZIPPOPIU

AMA SERRAMENTI: Innovation and Style: The New T-Shirts and Jackets by ZIPPOPIU

The collaboration between ZIPPOPIU and Ama Serramenti has given life to a new line of corporate clothing that combines functionality and design. Recently, our team had the pleasure of working on a special project for Ama Serramenti, creating custom t-shirts and sleeveless jackets that reflect the excellence and identity of their brand.

For Ama Serramenti, it was essential to have clothing that represented their brand in a sober but recognizable way. We opted for a minimalist design, with a simple two-color logo - orange and white - positioned on the heart side of the t-shirts and jackets. This color choice not only recalls Ama Serramenti's corporate colors, but also offers an eye-catching visual contrast that captures attention.

The printing of the logos on the garments was carried out with the most advanced techniques available in our ZIPPOPIU laboratory. This made it possible to guarantee faithful color rendering and excellent durability, crucial elements for corporate clothing that is worn on a daily basis.

The materials selected for the t-shirts and sleeveless jackets were chosen for their comfort and resistance. The t-shirts, ideal for everyday use, are light but resistant, while the sleeveless jackets offer additional protection without sacrificing style.

This project for Ama Serramenti demonstrates how the customization of corporate clothing can be a powerful branding tool. Not only did we provide Ama Serramenti with functional clothing, but we also created a vehicle to represent their brand, characterized by elegant design and unparalleled quality.

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