Lucchini Costruzioni: Cappellini ad Alta Visibilità Giallo Fluo - ZIPPOPIU

Lucchini Costruzioni: Fluo Yellow High Visibility Caps - ZIPPOPIU

Dear readers, we are thrilled to present to you a special collaboration between ZIPPOPIU and Lucchini Costruzioni, which has led to the creation of high visibility caps in fluorescent yellow . These caps have been carefully designed to ensure safety and style in the workplace.

The choice of fluorescent yellow

High visibility caps are essential in sectors where safety is a priority. The fluorescent yellow color increases the visibility of workers in low light conditions, thus reducing the risk of accidents at work. Lucchini Costruzioni has chosen fluorescent yellow for these caps, ensuring maximum visibility and safety.

Custom design

The Lucchini Costruzioni logo has been carefully positioned on the left side of each cap, giving a touch of corporate identity and recognisability. This customized design not only enhances the aesthetics of the garment, but also increases its practical utility.

High quality materials

The caps are made with high quality materials to ensure comfort, durability and resistance to atmospheric agents. The choice of materials ensures that workers can concentrate on their work without worries about the safety of the garment.

Why choose ZIPPOPIU?

ZIPPOPIU is a leader in the customization of caps and workwear. Our experience and attention to detail make us the ideal partner for Lucchini Costruzioni, guaranteeing products that meet their security and corporate identity needs.

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