MACCIONI si rinnova con le nuove magliette e felpe realizzate da ZIPPOPIU: un'immagine aziendale impeccabile

MACCIONI is renewed with the new t-shirts and sweatshirts made by ZIPPOPIU: an impeccable corporate image

In the world of construction companies, image is everything. It's not just about building solid buildings, but also about presenting yourself with a professional and consistent look. At Zippopiu, we are proud to have created the new corporate uniforms for Maccioni (see more) , a renowned construction company, and the result is simply extraordinary.

The T-shirts: Maccioni Green

The t-shirts we created for Maccioni are in perfect harmony with the company's visual identity. The green color, which characterizes the Maccioni brand, was used to create our high quality Men's Premium T-Shirts . These t-shirts not only faithfully represent the company color, but are also extremely comfortable and resistant, ideal for those who work on construction sites and need practical and long-lasting clothing.

Sweatshirts: Elegance and Visibility

For the sweatshirts, we opted for an elegant and professional look. Our Men's Classic Cardigan Sweatshirts are made in black, with the green Maccioni logo positioned both on the heart side and on the back, where it is present in a larger size for greater visibility. This simple yet effective design ensures the brand is always top of mind, making staff instantly recognisable.

Graphics: Simple but Effective

The graphics on the t-shirts and sweatshirts have been designed to be easily identifiable and highly visible. The Maccioni logo, placed on the heart side and on the back of the sweatshirts, guarantees that the company is represented in a clear and professional way. This design choice not only strengthens the brand, but also helps create a sense of ownership and pride among employees.

Quality and Comfort: A Priority

Our choice to use high-quality materials for our t-shirts and sweatshirts demonstrates a commitment to comfort and durability. The Premium T-Shirt T Men and women Men's Classic Cardigan Sweatshirts have been selected to ensure optimal comfort during long working days, without compromising style.

In conclusion, Zippopiu is pleased to have created corporate clothing that perfectly combines style, functionality and brand identity for Maccioni. The new green t-shirts and black sweatshirts with the green logo are the symbol of a company that not only builds buildings, but also a solid and professional image.

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