Stampimar e ZIPPOPIU: Personalizzazione Magliette per un'Identità Aziendale Forte

Stampimar and ZIPPOPIU: T-Shirt Customization for a Strong Corporate Identity

In the industrial world, innovation never stops. This is particularly true for Stampimar, a renowned company from Gazzane specialized in metal stamping services. Stampimar recently decided to take a step forward in consolidating its corporate identity thanks to the collaboration with ZIPPOPIU, an excellence in the clothing customization sector.

A Creative Collaboration

When Stampimar decided to customize t-shirts for its employees and collaborators, it chose ZIPPOPIU for its reputation for high quality and attention to detail. The goal was simple but important: to create clothing that was not only comfortable and resistant, but which best represented the company's image.

Design and Choice of Colors

ZIPPOPIU proposed two types of t-shirts, one gray and one blue, both with the Stampimar logo positioned on the heart side. The choice of colors was not random. Gray and blue were selected for their aesthetic effect and their ability to make the company logo stand out.

The Stampimar logo, a symbol of precision and reliability, has been placed on a white rectangle background to ensure optimal visibility. This small but significant detail ensures that the logo is clearly visible and instantly recognisable, regardless of the color of the shirt.

Gray T-Shirts: Understated Elegance

Gray t-shirts represent understated elegance. The grey, neutral and professional colour, is perfect for an industrial environment like that of Stampimar. Combined with the logo on a white background, it creates a balanced and pleasant visual effect, making the wearer immediately identifiable as part of the company.

Blue T-shirts: Dynamism and Energy

Blue t-shirts, on the other hand, convey dynamism and energy. Blue is a color associated with trust and efficiency, fundamental values ​​for Stampimar. Also in this case, the logo stands out perfectly thanks to the white rectangle in the background, creating a contrast that attracts attention in a positive way.


The collaboration between ZIPPOPIU and Stampimar is a perfect example of how corporate clothing can be used not only as a marketing tool, but also as a means to strengthen identity and team spirit within a company. The personalized gray and blue t-shirts with the clearly visible logo represent a small but important step towards a future of success and recognition for Stampimar.

This partnership demonstrates that, with a little creativity and attention to detail, it is possible to transform simple clothing items into powerful communication and corporate identity tools. A round of applause to ZIPPOPIU for making all this possible!

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