EUROBETON Trasforma Una Betoniera Unica nel Suo Genere con ZIPPOPIU

EUROBETON Transforms a One-of-a-Kind Concrete Mixer with ZIPPOPIU


In the world of wrapping, ZIPPOPIU has once again demonstrated its creativity and mastery by customizing a concrete mixer for Eurobeton. With silver, white, blue and black stickers, plus a vibrant daisy, the concrete mixer is no longer just a construction machine, but a walking masterpiece that catches everyone's eye.

The Unique Design:

The ZIPPOPIU team chose a distinctive color palette - silver, white, blue and black - to represent Eurobeton with style. The elegant color combination gives the concrete mixer a modern and professional look, setting it apart from others on the construction site.

eurobeton adhesive concrete mixer

The Margherita Accesa:

At the center of everything, a lively, brightly colored daisy stands out. This element adds a note of freshness and vitality to the overall design, transforming the concrete mixer into an icon of innovation and originality.

The Bet on Visibility:

Eurobeton bet on visibility and ZIPPOPIU made all this possible. Wherever the concrete mixer goes, it attracts curious glances and creates a unique visual impact. It is a way for Eurobeton to stand out in its industry, not only for the quality of the materials, but also for the style and creativity in the way it presents its presence in the field.

eurobeton wrap concrete mixer

The Art of Wrapping:

Wrapping is not just a job for ZIPPOPIU; it's an art. The Eurobeton concrete mixer has become a canvas on which to paint the image of a company that embraces modernity and originality. The design is not only aesthetic but transmits a message of innovation and creativity which also translates into the Eurobeton philosophy.


With ZIPPOPIU at the helm of the wrapping project for Eurobeton, the concrete mixer has transcended its original purpose to become a statement of style and originality. The art of wrapping has demonstrated once again that it can transform any surface into a living canvas, and Eurobeton has positioned itself at the pinnacle of innovation in its sector. Now, every construction site becomes a stage for artistic expression and recognition of Eurobeton.

eurobeton wrap concrete mixer

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