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ASOIL: The Wrapped Van that Makes Business Shine!

Are you ready to discover how the magic of graphics transformed the ASOIL van into a powerful marketing tool on the go? In our latest wrapping project, we brought to life a unique style, enhancing ASOIL 's corporate identity with a bold and eye-catching design.

Asoil wrapped van

The two-tone logo, with the dynamic combination of orange and black, was the beating heart of the design. Strategically positioned on the main surfaces of the van, the logo makes the ASOIL brand instantly recognisable, creating a strong and memorable visual identity.

But we didn't stop there! Every detail of the wrapping was carefully taken care of, adding graphic elements and geometric lines that blend harmoniously with the logo. The result? A modern, professional and attractive design.

The objective of this project was clear from the beginning: to convey the message of quality, reliability and professionalism that characterizes ASOIL . Thanks to the wrapped van, the brand's presence is amplified, attracting attention and generating interest wherever the vehicle travels.

Asoil wrapped van

But wrapping is not just an aesthetic solution. Thanks to its resistance and precision in application, it protects the bodywork of the van and guarantees durability over time. Additionally, it is easily removable or modifiable over time, allowing ASOIL to update the design or make changes based on business needs.

We are thrilled to have helped transform ASOIL 's van into a truly successful tool for their mobile business. If you also want to give new life to your company vehicle, making it a powerful marketing tool, do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts is ready to create a custom design that will make you shine wherever you go.

Asoil wrapped van

Discover the power of graphics with ZIPPOPIU and take your business to new levels of visibility and success!

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