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BEFED: Transform a Van into a Delicious Walking Icon with ZIPPOPIU

In the competitive world of restaurants, visibility is essential to attract customers and grow your brand. ZIPPOPIU, with its mastery in wrapping, recently faced a compelling challenge: customizing a van for Befed, a well-known restaurant specializing in succulent chicken. The outcome? A walking masterpiece that makes your mouth water just by looking at it.

befed van

The Genesis of the Idea:

ZIPPOPIU's adventure with the Befed van began with the creation of eye-catching graphics. The bright red, distinctive of the brand, was chosen as the predominant colour, creating an immediate association with the unique taste of Befed chickens. The elegant gray lettering then completed the look, giving the vehicle a touch of refinement.

The Wrapping Concept:

Before moving on to the final wrapping, the ZIPPOPIU team worked diligently on conceptualizing the design. The goal was to transform the van into an exciting visual representation of the Befed brand. The most surprising choice? Wrap some chicken feet on the back and hood of the van, creating the illusion that a delicious chicken had just passed by. A bold and ingenious choice that makes the vehicle impossible to ignore.

befed van

Details taken care of:

To complete the look, ZIPPOPIU expertly placed the Befed offices and various social media accounts on the sides of the van. These details not only provide useful information, but also amplify the restaurant's online presence, engaging potential customers through social channels.

Impact and Recognition:

The customized Befed van, thanks to the work of ZIPPOPIU, has become a true walking icon. Every time it walks the streets, it attracts curious glances and arouses interest. The immediate association with Befed chicken thanks to the wrapped legs creates a memorable visual experience, which is essential in the restaurant industry.

befed van


ZIPPOPIU has once again demonstrated its ability in wrapping, transforming a simple van into a walking showcase for Befed. This project not only highlights the team's creativity and precision, but also demonstrates how visual design can positively influence the perception of a brand. Thanks to ZIPPOPIU, Befed can now win new customers wherever it goes, enveloping the public with its irresistible aroma of freshly cooked chicken.

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