Personalizzazione su Misura: Le Panda di Soluzioni Informatica Diventano Capolavori su Quattro Ruote

IT SOLUTIONS Pandas become masterpieces on four wheels

In an incredible fusion of technology and design, we had the opportunity to transform two white Pandas from the Soluzioni Informatica company into true masterpieces on four wheels. Using a custom cut decal and strategically placed light blue stripe, we have created a unique and distinctive aesthetic for these vehicles. Let's discover together all the details of this extraordinary customization.

Our team of experts worked in synergy with Soluzioni Informatica to create a bespoke design that perfectly reflected the company's identity and values. Precision-cut sticker has been applied to the surfaces of the Pandas, creating a modern and elegant atmosphere that catches attention on every street corner.

company fleet car wrapped

To add a touch of color and dynamism to the design, we included a light blue stripe along the bottom of the cars. This eye-catching detail creates a striking contrast with the white paint of the Pandas, giving them a distinctive and refined appearance.

The process of applying the cut-out sticker and light blue stripe was done with extreme precision and attention to detail. Every curve and angle has been taken into consideration to ensure a flawless result. Our team ensured that the sticker adhered perfectly to the surface of the Pandas, creating a bespoke 'skin' effect that blends harmoniously with the shape of the vehicle.

The customization of Soluzioni Informatica's Pandas not only makes the vehicles aesthetically pleasing, but also helps to promote the company's image and presence. Every time the customized Pandas move through the streets, they capture attention and generate interest, becoming powerful marketing tools for IT Solutions.

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