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MARCO LUGLI: Colors in Movement: Revolutionary adhesives on medium vans

Dear ZIPPOPIU readers, today we are excited to present to you one of our most recent and captivating projects: the van adhesive for the Marco Lugli plumbing company in Lumezzane. In this article, we'll explore how we transformed an ordinary medium van into an icon of style and innovation, using bright colors and a simple but effective design.

Marco Lugli van

The Brief:

When Marco Lugli approached us for the decaling of his company van, he gave us a clear and concise brief: he wanted something simple, but something that would catch the eye. He wanted his van to stand out in the crowd, while reflecting the reliability and professionalism of his plumbing service. Additionally, it provided us with the colors of its logo: blue, red, and yellow.

The Concept:

Starting from these inputs, our team of designers created a concept that combined simplicity and visual impact. We decided to take full advantage of the bright colors of Marco Lugli's logo, using them to create a dynamic and lively design. We opted for a color arrangement that emphasized the readability of the logo and company information, without being too chaotic or overloaded.

Marco Lugli van

The Execution:

Once we obtained approval of the concept from Marco Lugli, we moved on to the production and installation phase. We have used high quality materials and cutting-edge technologies to guarantee perfect adhesion of the van, resistant to bad weather and long-lasting. Thanks to our experience and our attention to detail, we managed to transform Marco Lugli's van into a real walking poster of his business.

The result:

The final result speaks for itself: a medium van that does not go unnoticed, thanks to its attractive and professional decaling. The bright colors of the Marco Lugli logo immediately capture attention, while the company information is clearly readable from afar. The van stands out in the crowd, becoming a powerful marketing tool for the Lumezzane plumbing company.

In conclusion, we are extremely proud of the work done for Marco Lugli. The decal on his van is a perfect example of how simplicity and innovation can converge to create something truly extraordinary. If you also want to transform your company vehicle into an icon of style and professionalism, do not hesitate to contact us on ZIPPPIU. We're here to help you realize your vision!

Marco Lugli van

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