Wrappa i Furgoni del BRIXIA BASKET: Un Capolavoro di Visual Communication Wraps the BRIXIA BASKET Vans: A Masterpiece of Visual Communication is proud to present the new Brixia Basket vans, completely wrapped with an exclusive design that best represents the team and the city of Brescia. This wrapping project not only improves the aesthetics of the vehicles, but also serves as a powerful marketing and promotional tool for the Serie A1 women's basketball team.

Design Details

The vans have been transformed with eye-catching graphics that combine iconic elements of the city of Brescia with the Brixia Basket logo and colors. The side of the vehicles shows an imposing stylized white lioness, a symbol of strength and determination, characteristics that perfectly reflect the spirit of the team. Alongside the lioness, images of the cityscape of Brescia can be seen, creating a strong visual link between the team and the city.

The Quality of Wrapping

Thanks to the use of high quality materials and advanced application techniques, the wrapping created by guarantees durability and resistance over time. The vans not only attract attention for their aesthetics, but also represent a long-term investment for the promotion of Brixia Basket while traveling to matches and events.

An Example of Winning Collaboration

This wrapping project is a perfect example of how the collaboration between and Brixia Basket can lead to exceptional results. Supporting the team with vehicles that act as a mobile business card is an effective way to increase the team's visibility and attract new fans and sponsors.

Conclusion continues to support Brixia Basket not only through sponsorships, but also with innovative and impactful visual communication solutions. We are proud to be part of this amazing team's journey and contribute to their success.

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