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ZOLI Armamenti On the Move: The Maxi Van in Sticker!

Welcome to ZIPPOPIU, the blog that closely follows the latest news from Zoli Armamenti! Today, we will immerse you in the world of innovation with a truly unique project: the maxi van from Zoli, the famous firearms shop in Gardone Val Trompia. What makes this vehicle so extraordinary? Its professional wrapping sticker, an authentic design masterpiece.

zoli van

The Concept:

The van is wrapped in a stunning red and silver wrap sticker, creating a stunning and distinctive visual effect. This choice of colors evokes elegance and power, perfectly in line with the image of Zoli Armamenti.

The Imponte Logo:

Zeta stands out on both sides of the van, the distinctive letter that makes up the Zoli logo. A bold and iconic element, a visual declaration of Zoli Armamenti's presence on the street.

zoli van

The Wrapping Technique:

The wrapping adhesive is not only aesthetic, but also technical. Made from high quality materials, it offers extra protection against scratches and the elements, ensuring your van retains its attractive appearance over time.

Gardone Val Trompia and Beyond:

Zoli's maxi van is not only destined for Gardone Val Trompia, but is ready to travel on roads and motorways, bringing the distinctive style of Zoli Armamenti around the country.

zoli van

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