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LUCCHINI ENERGY - The Lettered Sign Gives Modernity!

In the vibrant industrial scenario of Brescia, the letter sign created for the Lucchini Energy department of Lucchini Costruzioni emerges with character. A project that saw alongside the company, in the creation of a visual symbol that represented the innovation and energy of this growing sector.

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The request

Lucchini Costruzioni, through its Lucchini Energy department, aspired to an external sign that embodied the innovation and dedication of its team towards sustainable energy solutions. A sign that not only signaled their presence in Brescia, but also communicated their passion for renewable energy.

The approach

With an accurate understanding of the client's expectations and the importance of the message to convey, we embarked on the creative path. The goal was to create a design that was both modern, professional and in tune with Lucchini Energy's mission.

The process

The creative process encompassed the choice of fonts and colors that reflected the identity of Lucchini Energy, up to the technical creation of the channel letter sign. Every detail was taken care of to ensure visibility and recognisability, ensuring that the sign stood out in the urban fabric of Brescia.

The result

The letter sign for Lucchini Energy now stands proud, representing a visual landmark that highlights Lucchini Costruzioni's commitment to the energy sector. The positive reception from the customer and the visual feedback in the urban environment of Brescia testify to the success of this project.

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The creation of the sign for Lucchini Energy strengthened our belief in the power of visual communication. This project also reiterated the importance of close collaboration with the client to transform a vision into a tangible and impactful manifestation.

Through careful planning and impeccable technical implementation, has contributed to creating a tangible symbol of Lucchini Energy's innovation and dedication in the Brescia landscape, once again confirming our commitment to providing high-quality visual communication solutions qualities that go beyond expectations.

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