PELIZZARI SRL: Illumina la Propria Identità con l'Insegna Retro Luminosa

PELIZZARI SRL: Illuminate your identity with the Retro Luminous Sign


In the fascinating world of visual branding, a company's signage plays a crucial role in capturing the public's attention and communicating the company's identity. In this article, we will explore the project of creating and installing the retro-lit sign for the Pelizzari SRL company, masterfully created by the ZIPPOPIU team.

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Sign Design:

The illuminated retro sign is a key element for the visibility of a company, especially when it comes to being noticed even during the evening hours. For the Pelizzari SRL company, the ZIPPOPIU team designed a black box sign, perfectly in tune with the gray wall behind it. This color choice not only integrates harmoniously with the surrounding environment, but also gives a timeless elegance to the company's image.

Strategic positioning:

The sign positioning strategy was carefully studied to maximize visibility from all sides of the road. With two signs positioned on opposite corners of the building, the Pelizzari SRL company is now clearly visible both to vehicles approaching from one direction and to those coming from the other.

Backlight technology:

The use of backlit technology ensures that the sign is visible even at night, ensuring a constant presence and a lasting impression on passers-by and potential customers. The combination of high-quality materials and strategic lighting makes the Pelizzari SRL sign an undisputed focal point in the surrounding area.

pelizzari teaches zippopiu


The sign created by ZIPPOPIU for the Pelizzari SRL company is much more than a simple decorative element. It is a tangible expression of corporate identity, carefully designed to reflect the company's values ​​and image. Thanks to its imposing presence and visibility at night, the sign helps consolidate the company's reputation and recognition in the local community and beyond. If you're looking to make a bold statement and leave a lasting impression, the ZIPPOPIU retro lighted sign is the ideal choice.

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