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VG TRADE in Sarezzo: Refresh and Illuminate, the Restyling by

Strategically located along the main street of Sarezzo, VG TRADE has a large exhibition space thanks to its enviable showcase. However, the company wanted to further raise the bar of visual appeal and found the answer in the creative capabilities of

An illuminated sign not to be missed: Thermometer, Clock and Style

The centerpiece of the transformation was an illuminated sign outside the store. This carefully milled sign features elements such as a thermometer and a clock, catching the attention of passers-by with its eye-catching colors and expansive design. This not only attracts attention but gives greater visibility to VG TRADE, helping to distinguish the shop along the main street of Sarezzo.

outdoor LED sign Brescia

vg trade sarezzo brescia external led sign
external LED sign with clock Brescia vgtrade

Lights, Vibrant Graphics, and Full-Color Brand Identity

Inside the store, a customized light-box was strategically positioned, visible from the window. This light-box, with lively graphics, enhances the products offered by VG TRADE, capturing the attention of passers-by and potential customers. Furthermore, an illuminated sign milled into the wall strongly communicates the store's new brand, adding new life to the interior environment.

interior shop brescia decoration led sign vg trade

Lead and Promote with a Unique Style

Finally, VG TRADE's vehicle was transformed into a mobile work of art. Thanks to, it was designed and wrapped with high quality materials, ensuring that the VG TRADE brand was promoted in an exceptional way. Without a doubt, traveling in style, promoting your brand and spreading the corporate message have never been so original.

This restyling project, completed by for VG TRADE in Sarezzo, in the province of Brescia, demonstrates once again how creativity and craftsmanship can significantly improve the image of a company, both internally and externally. outside of your commercial space. is ready to contribute to new transformations and enhance corporate brands with tailor-made projects. Contact us today to find out how we can improve your visual presence.

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