OTIUM Spa: Rinnovo e Restyling di Lusso per il Centro Benessere a Brescia. ZIPPOPIU.it

OTIUM Spa: Luxury Renovation and Restyling for the Wellness Center in Brescia.

In the heart of Brescia, OTIUM Spa shines as an oasis of luxury and well-being. In collaboration with ZIPPOPIU.it , OTIUM Spa has undertaken an ambitious renovation and restyling project which has created an experience of refined elegance.

The Elegance of the Marble Effect Counter: An Unforgettable First Impact

One of the culminating moments of this transformation is represented by the splendid marble-effect adhesive counter located at the main reception. Made with fine materials and precise craftsmanship, this counter adds a touch of refinement to the entrance of the wellness center. In the center, a 3D logo captures attention, consolidating the visual identity of OTIUM Spa.

customized counter in Brescia

personalized counter in otium spa adhesive in brescia

Following the Directions: Indoor and Outdoor Signs that Inspire

The environment of OTIUM Spa is now guided with style thanks to internal and external designer signs. These signs integrate harmoniously with the surrounding environment, creating an atmosphere of charm and refinement.

Otium Day Spa outdoor sign in Brescia

Consistency and Professionalism: Customized Materials and Unique Design

To ensure high-class visual coherence, ZIPPOPIU.it has developed customized materials including bags, flyers, business cards and packaging. Each element was created with care and precision, reflecting the elegance and distinctive style of OTIUM Spa. This contributed to building a coordinated and professional image.

personalized bags otium spa in brescia

People counting columns and room marking plates: class details

The attention to detail doesn't stop there. At the entrance, people counting columns wrapped in a marble-like material welcome guests in an elegant way. Inside, room marking plates add a touch of class and make orientation easier.

A welcoming wall that speaks of elegance

But the path to wellness isn't complete without a captivating visual experience. A sign on the wall inside the entrance captures visitors' attention, announcing an extraordinary wellness experience.

sign on the decorated wall brescia otium spa

internal wall sign brescia decoration otium spa

A Synergistic Collaboration between OTIUM Spa and ZIPPOPIU.it

The success of this project was the result of an extraordinary synergy between the OTIUM Spa team and that of ZIPPOPIU.it . Every detail, from the signs to the adhesive counter, from the packaging to the communication materials, conveys quality and elegance.

glass decoration otium spa brescia

Realize your vision with us

This project with OTIUM Spa demonstrates our commitment to creating extraordinary and engaging spaces. If you would like to transform your business environment with customized design and branding solutions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Find out how we can turn your vision into a successful reality.

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