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SALERI Wall Wrapping: Exploring the World with ZIPPOPIU in Lumezzane!

Welcome to ZIPPOPIU, where we tell unique stories of customization. Today we explore the recent wrapping project carried out by us for Saleri, a Lumezzane company specialized in the development and production of water pumps and Thermal Management systems for the automotive industry.

saleri wrap headquarters wall

The Seleri Context: Development and Production of Excellence

Located in Lumezzane, Saleri is a point of reference for the automotive industry, committed to the development and production of cutting-edge water pumps and Thermal Management systems. Their global expertise makes them a reliable partner worldwide.

The Wrapping Project: Transforming Walls into Informative Works of Art

To highlight the importance of Saleri on the global scene, we applied professional wrapping to the walls of their headquarters. The sticker, specially designed for walls, features a cut-out world map, highlighting where Saleri has an international presence.

The Professional Adhesive: Quality and Precision

The adhesive used has been carefully selected to ensure quality and durability. The precision in the carving allowed us to create a detailed map with Saleri's points of presence around the world, underlining the company's global reach.

The Carved Map: A Virtual Journey into Seleri Companies around the World

Thanks to this project, Saleri's walls are not just surfaces, but they tell a story. Each dot on the map represents a global presence, a combination of expertise and innovation that has made Saleri a renowned name in the automotive industry.

Saleri's wall wrapping project is not just an aesthetic addition, but a visual journey into Saleri's world of excellence and expertise. With this project, ZIPPOPIU transforms the walls into an informative frame, celebrating the importance of Saleri on a global level. Stay tuned for more customization stories on ZIPPOPIU!

saleri headquarters

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