APE Raccorderie: Biglietti da Visita di Alta Qualità Realizzati da ZIPPOPIU

APE Raccorderie: High Quality Business Cards Made by ZIPPOPIU

ZIPPOPIU: Excellence in Business Card Printing

ZIPPOPIU recently collaborated with APE Raccorderie, a renowned company located in Sarezzo, in the province of Brescia, for the creation of high quality personalized business cards. This project represents a perfect example of how advanced technology and attention to detail can transform a simple business card into a work of art.

APE Raccorderie: Innovation and Quality Made in Italy

APE Raccorderie is a leading company in the sector of fittings and accessories for hydraulic systems. Based in Sarezzo, Brescia, APE Raccorderie is synonymous with innovation, reliability and quality. Their attention to detail and commitment to excellence is reflected in every aspect of their business, including business presentation.

The Creation of Business Cards

ZIPPOPIU has developed unique business cards for APE Raccorderie, using a combination of advanced printing techniques to guarantee a final product of the highest level. Here are some details on the creation process:

  • Transparency UV printing : The choice of transparency UV printing has allowed us to obtain a brilliant effect with great visual impact. This technique is particularly effective at highlighting specific design elements, such as the logo and lettering.

  • Emboss : Using emboss for the logo and lettering added a tactile dimension to the business card, making it not only visually appealing but also pleasant to the touch. This technique helps create a perception of superior quality and professionalism.

  • Custom Design : Each business card is custom designed to reflect the visual identity and values ​​of APE Raccorderie. The company logo was strategically positioned to ensure maximum visibility, while the contact information was organized in a clear and legible way.

    The Impact of Business Cards

    The business cards created for APE Raccorderie are not just a contact tool, but an extension of their brand. Thanks to the quality of the print and the thoughtful design, these business cards leave a lasting impression on anyone who receives them. They represent a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality, in line with the image of excellence that APE Raccorderie wants to convey.


    The collaboration between ZIPPOPIU and APE Raccorderie is a brilliant example of how attention to detail and the use of advanced printing techniques can transform a simple business card into a powerful marketing tool. ZIPPOPIU is proud to have contributed to enhancing the image of a prestigious company like APE Raccorderie through the creation of high quality business cards.

    If you also want to create personalized business cards that make a difference, contact ZIPPOPIU. Our experience and expertise are at your service to create products that best reflect your corporate identity.

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