è Partner del Basket Lumezzane!

BASKETBALL LUMEZZANE - is now a Partner!

We are excited to share with you our great passion for local basketball and our close collaboration with Lumezzane Basket. For years we have been partners of this talented team, which proudly represents our city on the playing field.

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Lumezzane Basket is a sporting reality that embodies the values ​​of commitment, determination and team spirit. The team's players demonstrate great skill and passion for the game, entertaining basketball fans with extraordinary performances.

As a partner of Lumezzane Basket, we are honored to contribute to the team's success. We support the players not only with our financial support, but also with our active presence during matches, offering our support and encouraging the team to give their all on the pitch.

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Our collaboration goes beyond the playing field. We work closely with Lumezzane Basket to promote the team's image and involve the local community. We organize events, sponsor initiatives and create advertising campaigns that highlight the enthusiasm and passion that surround basketball in Lumezzane.

The Lumezzane Basket team is a true point of reference for young basketball enthusiasts in our city. We regularly organize clinics and open training sessions for young talent, giving them the opportunity to learn from professionals and develop their skills in the game.

Our collaboration with Lumezzane Basket is a testament to our commitment to local sport and community growth through basketball. We believe in the power of sport to unite people, promote healthy competition and transmit positive values ​​to young people.

We are grateful to Lumezzane Basket for the opportunity to be an integral part of their sporting family. We look forward to cheering on the team during every game and celebrating their victories together with our entire community.

Join us in supporting Lumezzane Basket and cheering on our talented players. Together, we will ensure that basketball in Lumezzane continues to shine and that the Lumezzane Basket team reaches new heights in the world of basketball.

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