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BOXING LUMEZZANE: Emerging Champions Supported by

A Lasting Commitment

We are proud to announce our continued commitment as a sponsor of Lumezzane Boxing , one of the most prestigious realities in the Brescia boxing scene. For us at , supporting this extraordinary team is a mission that we carry out with passion and dedication.

Shared Values

Lumezzane Boxing represents much more than a boxing gym. It is a community that embodies the values ​​of discipline, commitment and determination through the art of boxing. These principles are in perfect harmony with the philosophy of , which is committed to providing high quality solutions and impeccable services to its customers.

A Special Thanks to the Masters

We want to take this opportunity to express our profound gratitude to the Masters Sipontino La Torre and Vincenzo Maiolini , as well as to the founder of Lumezzane Boxing , Master Franco Cirelli , for their extraordinary commitment to training young talents. Their dedication to teaching the art of boxing and guiding athletes towards excellence is truly admirable.

Emerging Stars and Champions

We would particularly like to draw attention to Mattia Facchini , a talented boxer who is emerging strongly in the boxing scene. Thanks to his extraordinary talent and commitment, Mattia is becoming a real star on the rise, bringing great pride to Lumezzane Boxing and all its supporters. Italian amateur heavyweight champion , Mattia Facchini of Boxe Lumezzane won the tricolor in the 92 kg category at the 2023 Assoluti . After second place last year, this year there was none for anyone.

But Mattia is not the only one. Lumezzane Boxing is a true hotbed of talent, with numerous boxers training hard and participating in local and national competitions. Among them stand out names such as Saka Glendi and Angelo Valseschini , both of whom are participating in their first fights and are quickly attracting attention, demonstrating their determination and commitment to pursuing excellence in the discipline of boxing.

A Bright Future

We are proud to be part of this extraordinary adventure and to support Lumezzane Boxing on its path to success. We will continue to closely follow the athletes' exploits and support this exceptional team.

Join us

We invite you to join us in supporting Lumezzane Boxing and celebrating the successes of its athletes, including promising stars Saka Glendi , Angelo Valseschini and the talented Mattia Facchini . The future looks bright for this team, and we are excited to be a part of it.

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