Realizzare un Logo: Leggibile, Semplice ed Unico

Creating a Logo: Legible, Simple and Unique

A logo can consist of a sign, an emblem, a symbol or simply a name. It must be readable, simple and unique. Creating a logo, in fact, is a concrete example of corporate identity (Brand Identity), it is the creative phase of the element that identifies the company. The ideal logo must be able to arouse emotions and capture attention to remain etched in the memory.

Main characteristics of an effective logo:

  1. The logo must be legible, simple, unique and immediately recognisable;
  2. The color combination and the character used (the Font) must be suitable for the company/professional;
  3. It must evoke the image of the company/professional;
  4. It must work regardless of its size;
  5. It does not have to be complicated or contain complex images and photographs;
  6. It must work in both color and black and white.

When you have to create a logo you need to plan that it will be used on different media. On a business card, on a letterhead, a pin, a display case or a pen.

By respecting the points listed which are summarized with simplicity, readability and uniqueness, the creation of the logo will be more effective and the result will be easily reproducible on any material, shape and support. On the contrary, a complex logo, full of frills and colors will generate many problems.

Does the logo you are using not reflect these characteristics? Then start thinking about restyling your logo!

Corporate identity (Brand Identity)

A company must convey its identity clearly and effectively in order to stand out and position itself on the market. The corporate identity (Brand Identity) is the combination of the following elements: the name (Naming), the logo, the color combinations, the typographic character (the Font) and the coordinated image.

To be effective, it must be able to convey positive values ​​and trust, communicating a set of emotions on which the satisfaction and consequent success of the company will depend.

The corporate identity must be recognizable and well structured with simple and direct language. Only in this way will it be possible to beat the competition.

The Brand of an activity, whether in the commercial, professional or entrepreneurial sector, must have a common thread for all the materials used in corporate communication: from the logo to the colors, from the font to all the promotional tools (brochures company, brochures, etc.).

To represent the Brand, a coordinated image is also necessary, i.e. the set of graphic/communication elements that will help maintain a unique, clear and reliable perception of the company.

My professional experience allows me to design "tailor-made" solutions at reasonable prices, from the creation of the logo, to a more complex corporate identity graphic project. I can help you develop everything with which communication is done, which outlines the very essence of the company and which requires visible feedback, that is:

  • company coordinated (business cards, envelopes, headed paper, folders, etc.);
  • basic or specialist forms;
  • paper products for communication (company leaflets and brochures, leaflets, catalogues, booklets, magazines, company presentations, etc.);
  • digital products for communication (website, e-commerce, advertising campaigns, banners, infographics, etc.);
  • products for promoting brand services/activities (packaging).
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